So Elsa came in on a cold July night after being found in her mummas pouch… if not found she certainly would have died. She weighed 200 grams which is so tiny. She spent many months in the incubator in which she was getting stronger everyday. She continued to progress beautifully and now weighs in a healthy 3.5kgs…


Betty has been with us for 3 years. She is a released wombat who comes home most nights for a feed and just a comfy sleep. She is so docile and loves a pat and then when she has had enough she heads back out to the bush again.


Little Janey came to us as a little pinky joey (no fur). As per usual her mum was hit and killed by a car. She will be in care for about 2 years and then will make her way back into the bush with other little ones that she has grown up with.


Albie is our resident Redneck wallaby. He is here to stay as he is on a different type of licence. He is an extremely naughty little boy and gets into all kinds of mischief and trouble.


Coco is such a sweet little girl. She came into our care after her mum was attacked and killed by dogs. She will be in our care for many months and will be released back into the wild after the fire season.

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