The reason behind our inception…

Coopers Animal Refuge started in 2013. It all began when 3 kangaroo joeys came into care with Christine (me) from Coopers to be rehabilitated and released. The first of these 3 was Cooper who was a 575 gr pinky (furless) who straight away captured my heart.

He thrived in care and as he grew bigger he had some hurdles to come across including breaking his leg, which healed. Cooper and I had a very special bond and we loved each other very much. He was forever hugging and kissing me.

Sadly at 3 years of age Cooper ate a poisonous mushroom in the paddock and passed away. This broke my heart but I had to continue for the many many more that continue to come into care. 

From then…

We have had our ups and downs with finding a place to call home permanently and we did that by finding this amazing property in Bullengarook on 85 acres in which all our animals in care can be released there. Our dream had finally come true!

It is a very expensive hobby to have with it costing around $1000 per week. At peak time we have had up to 180 bottles per day, countless pouches to wash and just the general cleaning and running of a very large shelter.

We have a large number of kangaroos in care and wombats (terrors), possums and the odd bird here and there to care for.
It is not all about the cute side, but there is also a sad side to this rescuing and caring business.

“If we can teach people about wildlife, they will be touched.

Share my wildlife with me.

Because humans want to save things that they love. ”

Steve Irwin

Cooper from Coopers Animal Refuge.

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